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Dr. Joe Schaefer is a published researcher with a Doctorate in Neuroscience. His research was in the the neural origins of behavior, which is why Dr. Schaefer has a unique understanding of digital marketing. His years of teaching university level neurophysiology allows him to explain and give perspective on very complicated subjects. The Motiliti Marketing Minute is his on-going educational video series for business owners and marketing managers. From basics to advanced concepts, this series will cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing.

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"What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?"
Motiliti was founded in 2008 by Dr.  Joe Schaefer, Scott Martin and Bob Brown. After developing their own custom video spokesperson SAAS, building a green screen studio and collecting a pool of local talent, they served hundreds of clients in the following 2 years. Since 2010 Motiliti has expanded their service offering to include every aspect of web marketing, including search engine marketing and the digital marketing realm of programmatic advertising. Motiliti has created marketing campaigns for businesses of every size, from local small businesses to national firms with revenues over $1 Billion. The company has grown every year since it was founded and has out-lived more than 50 direct competitors and copy-cat online marketing companies in that time. They are full Google Premier Partner and Gold Certified in programmatic advertising in one of the biggest platforms in the world.
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